Dawn of a New Generation
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The Dawn of a New Generation

It’s a time of change in the game industry. The console makers are moving ahead with new consoles. Sony is expected to launch the PlayStation 5 in 2020, while Microsoft has committed to launching the next Xbox in the holidays of 2020.

And it’s not just the hardware makers who are seeking renewal. Google Stadia has joined the fray with its new cloud gaming platform in November, with updates coming in 2020. Apple is also diving into the game subscription business with the launch of Apple Arcade, and HBO and Netflix are moving into games. PC digital delivery marketplaces are becoming more competitive. Esports teams and companies are trying to establish their footholds in the hopes of eclipsing traditional sports competitions. And VR and AR companies are looking to get off the ground with new generations of technology.

Games are moving into a wide variety of platforms and markets in the hopes of expanding the audience to billions more people. It’s an ever-widening circle of opportunity, and we’ll talk about how companies can best navigate these transitions to new machines, new markets, new business models, and adjacent opportunities.

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 A special thank you to Niantic for hosting this year's Women in Gaming panel and digital networking event. Thank you to the 100+ women executives that participated! 




This year, our committee of seven industry judges honored John Smedley of Amazon Game Studios and Eve Crevoshay of Take This for our Visionary Award and Up and Comer Award. 



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